Beach front Wire Railing

This is the place to be when winter comes! Relax on the veranda at one of these stilt houses on the beach. This would be an awesome place to fall asleep with the sound of the waves and ocean all around! It would also be a nice spot for some water sports and recreation.

Stilt House Beach Railing

Stilt House Beach Railing

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Floating Jungle Deck

Here’s an awesome floating deck in the jungle somewhere in the tropics. The low railing is more like wrap around seating with plenty of cushions on the lower level. I bet it’s so peaceful and relaxing to be perched above the stream below!

Floating Deck in the Jungle

Floating Deck in the Jungle

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Spiral Metal Exterior Railing

Here’s a cool railing for a front porch or small size deck. I really love the way the metalworker crafted those cool spirals. I wonder if it was planned or if the shapes were just made and laid out as it went along. This would be awesome on a modern home to give it some character and flair and still fit in with the metal-and-masonry motif.

Spiral Metal Exterior Railing

Spiral Metal Exterior Railing

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No Deck Railing

Sometimes the best deck railing, is no deck railing. I think that you’ll see what I mean.

This deck is more of a dock!

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Mountain Laurel Deck Stairs Railing

This next picture shows how elegantly Mountain Laurel Handrail can conform to the look of any deck and make it stand out as unique. These deck stair railings make the home look like it is a part of the forest surrounding it. The white painted banisters and poles accentuate the darker mountain laurel wood which makes it an excellent addition to this already beautiful deck.

Deck Stairs Railing

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Awesome Deck Railing

This is the coolest looking deck railing that I’ve ever seen. It’s made with sticks and branches and the artists that make them take these and weave them together to make these crazy patterns. Looks like a lot of work and probably takes a long time.

Awesome Deck Railing

Awesome Deck Railing

This looks like the kind of railing that would work well on more than just one type of style home. It would probably be a good touch on a big log home that has huge, giant logs for the walls and roof and a big deck perfect for some of these awesome deck railings. Or it could go on a house like this one which doesn’t look too big in this picture, but the handrail is just the best part of it I bet. It’d be nice to sit on a deck like that and relax in a hot tub while looking at the forest through the handrail.

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cat on handrail

Here is the inevitable picture!
Drum roll please…
Presenting: Cat on a Handrail


The internet has a love for cats and I share mainly pictures of different handrails and railings. We’ve seen wavy banisters, which I’m hopeful will soon turn into a project with a wooden banister. I’ve shared lots of pictures of railings at sunset or sunrise or with the light just so. and of course plenty of Mountain Laurel Handrail.
But this is the first pic I’ve shared of a cat on a handrail.
And I know how much the internet loves cats.

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outdoor railing

Here is a beautiful shot of an outdoor railing. I’m not sure where it is but it seems to be high in a tower looking back down towards the earth. I really like the geometric nature of this composition especially the way that the sun casts the shadow of the pattern of the railing grid on the textured metal walkway. It’s really a beautiful piece!
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outdoor railings

I love this picture of outdoor railings. It has an old world appeal of nostalgia and decay. Alright, so I know that might not be the most appealing thing, there is a certain mood that is created by the dilapidated building, broken handrail, water and ships at port. The black and white photography adds to the emotional impact of this outdoor railing.
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Log Cabin Railing Design


This is a picture from the latest deck railing project. This design was built on a log cabin in the mountains of Western North Carolina. There is really no other look as unique as a mountain laurel handrail!

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